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About Us


Supporting professional immigrant’s integration and meaningful employment through educational services on 

    • Canadian workplace and social culture and etiquette
    • Workplace and social  communication skills
    • Broader networking in connecting immigrants with people from all walks of life in Canada

M-Bridge is a volunteer-run non-profit organization founded by a group of professional immigrants in July 2008 in response to the common challenge of broader connection, effective communication in workplace and social situations among professional immigrants.

Our Mission:

  •  Inspire and empower professional immigrants to achieve a better life in Canada
  •  Lead the development of professional immigrants bridging the gap of their further integration into Canadian society
  • Build a cross-cultural community where people from different culture background meet, learn, grow, play and enjoy life together

Our Vision:

Be a leading organization in Canada that provides innovative programmings and services to enhance immigrants’ integration into the society

Our Value:

  • Inspiration: be inspired and inspire others
  • Interaction: offer our gifts to benefit one another
  • Integration: create mutual gain among immigrants and Canadians